With direct access to our private plantations, we know our durians are of the best quality. But on the off chance that you do get a bad durian, we will replace it for you for free!


Reach out to us at +65 8683 1800 or email us at Please include images of the durian and your order number for review.

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Refund & Replacement Policy

  1. Your order will be delivered according to your delivery time slot. We will not be able to determine what time they will reach your location so we seek your kind patience in waiting. 
  2. Upon receiving your order, please check if there are any problems with it or missing items. Please call us immediately at contact no. to inform us within 2 hours of the delivered time.
  3. If there are damaged/spoilt durians, please notify us immediately, and take photos of the durians for 1-1 exchange. 
  4. It will be required for Durian Villa to take back the spoilt durians for verification and case study purposes.
  5. If the durians have been fully eaten/thrown away, we will not accept any changes/be responsible for it.
  6. To prevent abuse of the replacement scheme, we seek your understanding that we are unable to accommodate any exchanges for the following issues:
    • Seed size
      • While we would all love small seeds, seeds vary in sizes as they are natural products. We are unable to alter or guarantee it’s seed size.
    • Taste profile​
      • i.e. not bitter or sweet enough​
    • Watery
      • We wish to make durian lovers aware that some varieties of bitter durians come with a blue-black tinge and normally have more water content in order for the fruit to gestate to that level of bitterness. This is part of the process and connoisseurs will be cognisant of  the peculiarities of such varieties.​
    • Changes in Price
      • Prices fluctuate throughout the season mainly due to supply and demand.
    • Delivery concerns
      • Upon ordering please indicate clearly on the delivery and ensure there is someone to receive the order. The Durian Villa will not be liable for any damaged order or fruit if delivery personnel have left the order on your doorstep/gate/ guard house etc due to no recipient.
  7. Due to the perishable nature of goods, we will not accept any return or refunds unless it is damaged upon receiving.
  8. Should there be any issues with your order, please take a photo of your order and notify us immediately.
  9. Emails will take relatively longer time to reply, please contact us via WhatsApp for a faster response.