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Direct From Our Family Plantations

Sourced directly from our own family-run durian plantation in Pahang Malaysia, our quality control from cultivation to transport is definitely at its best. ?

With over 25 years experience, we know what it takes to grow the most creamy, tender and fleshy durians for you. Indeed, most of our durians pass the most stringent checks with very little wastage. Here at The Durian Villa, we offer a constant prompt delivery of fresh, exquisite quality durians island wide.

the durian villa

Affordable durian prices

We know how frustrating it can be to deal with unreasonable durian prices in the market or durian transportation issues. ? Once a durian is picked, we all know it taste best when consumed freshly. Our direct imports mean that we have full control of the transportation process, so you’ll get your durians fresh from the plantations immediately. Fast, efficient, yummy right to your doorstep!

the durian villa

How do we keep our prices low?

With our control of durian supply from end to end, we get to pass loads of cost savings to you! We don’t jack up durian prices like others do. ⛔️ No middleman fees, less wastage and faster delivery so there’s no unnecessary costs to our customers. Also with our streamlined operations, you get to enjoy better, cheaper & more durians!

the durian villa

Wide Durian Selection

We believe great durian experiences begin with vendor customer trust and freshness of supply. With our own dedicated durian plantation in Pahang Malaysia, we know what to look for in durian selection and can keep our prices low. In addition to a wide selection of durian varieties we also have our best-selling signature durian product, Old Tree (老树) and Mao Shan Wang (猫山王).

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Satisfactory Guaranteed

100% replacement policy

With direct access to our private plantations, we know our durians are of the best quality. ? But on the off chance that you do get a bad durian, we will replace it for you for free!

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reliable delivery

same / next day delivery

Get your quick durian fix with our durians sourced fresh! We provide same day and next day deliveries to your doorstep. Simply select your desired timeslot at the checkout! ?

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Our Address:

175 Upper Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 534863

Our Opening Hours:

Operating Hours : 10AM – 10PM
Operating Dates: Monday – Sunday

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Call / Text: +65 8683 1800